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cobaltcrafter in cooking_mods

Idea for the Community!

Hi mods,

I’m a reader, contributor and follower of the LJ community “Cooking”, and I have what I think is a great idea to bring some more interaction and involvement in the community.

I work with ShortForm, which is a video aggregator website that allows you to compile videos from YouTube, Vimeo etc into a playlist and embed a widget into a website, so that you can have a running playlist of videos at the click of a button, without leaving the page. It would go into the sidebar, or somewhere similar.

If you go to this link, you can see a cooking channel I created with some of my favourite recipes and cooking videos: http://www.shortform.com/widget?current_channel=true&user_name=neha2

I think it would be cool if we could organize a kind of voting system where people would nominate their favourite cooking videos, and we could compile a “Favourite Recipes of the Community” channel! We could accept all nominations to start with, and then have a voting procedure once a week or similar so that we can keep adding to the video stream, keeping it updated with the community’s favorites. I think it’d be a great way to keep people involved, and increase user interaction within the community.

What do you think? I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thanks for reading :)


Sorry it took so long to get back to you about this, I didn't see the post! I thought I had it set to email me whenever someone posted here but I guess not. I think that is a pretty good idea, actually! Are you still interested in this? I could talk to the other mods about it :)

June 2013

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